Script Exploited for Spam Mail Abuse

I started to receive some time ago emails that look like they are sent by one of my websites... I get one per day now.
i forwarded one for you. They use my account user name and my site url, i think to send emails for free or something...
I think my joomla installation is secure...
Do you know what this is about? what can I do to prevent this?
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Accessing PHP Error Logs / Joomla page not load

I'm working on a sofware on this url and I'm getting problems with php pages not reloading properly on submits.
Support for the software is asking me to check the logs:
"Check your apache/php error log, it might give you a clue as to which file has a bug in it in there"
I went on the Cpanel to find something but can't because I guess I don't have access to that kind of report.

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Shared: Change File Ownership (it's on "nobody"

domain with problem is
I've been on a problem for many hours now: I can't save, update, rename, move, delete, change authorisation, edit and save the file component/com_jvlinx/lang/user_english.php, whether i try from file manager, legacy file manager, ftp...
I have even re-installed the whole joomla pack...

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Joomla 1.5 and Fantastico

quick question: Joomla 1.5 final is about to be released and some stable versions of it are already in circulation.
my question is: how long after the final version will be released will there be an installer for it in fantastico?
Tom H.  
Posted On: 01 Feb 2008 08:14 AM Hello Matthieu, Unfortunately, we don't know when will Fantastico add latest version of Joomla. It is not our product. You should check on their forums, probably they will announce that.

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