Sharing Resources on VPS and how to manage basic server activity through ssh commands

I noticed recently that this sever had abnormal resources usage via VZPP/resources
i know that it's not a good reference, but i also know that an empty server like this one should never pass 12 or 13% of resources usage.
but for the past days that i start to work on it again, i can see that activity is constantly over 33%
I was scared of script or email exploit, but actually deleted the only account there (hotelboo) and re-created it from scratch
but activity is still 33%... like if something was using the server, but not from script exploit...

I looked in the apache raw access log from the newly created account fdsfddo and i can see that i get something that traces back to a hackers' website, but that's probably not it: - - [18/Nov/2008:05:47:15 -0600] "POST HTTP/1.1" 404 - "-" "-" traces back to (russian malware listed host)

that's probably not it... but somehow something is eating 30-35% of my server resources indicator...

What else can I do to identify and clean up that anomaly please?

Posted On: 18 Nov 2008 07:36 AM

I don't see any problems with your VPS. Please notice that some resource usage you can see from VZPP is for whole node, not for your VPS only.

Your VPs is fine, load is low, and I don't se any strange processes running there.

Best regards,
Posted On: 18 Nov 2008 07:42 AM
thanks for the reply
but I don't understand this:
"Please notice that some resource usage you can see from VZPP is for whole node"

Posted On: 18 Nov 2008 07:46 AM
oops... sorry, sent before end of message
isnt' that a ratio based on the usage of my own server?
i remember i ever had a vps with loads of script exploit at some point, and resources ratio went to 100%
and back to 13% after we cleaned it up...
so how can that be showing more VPS usage than only mine?? how could i bring it to saturation myself then?
and back to 13% after you guys help me clean it...

now Im confused
Posted On: 18 Nov 2008 07:49

VPs is a "Virtual Private Server2. That means that is not it's own hardware. It's placed on server (node) with several other VPSes,a nd it's sharing resources.
And, for some things, you can not see usage for your VPs only (memory usage for instance), you can see only memory usage for whole node your VPs is on.
But, both, your VPs and main node are OK.

Best regards,
Posted On: 18 Nov 2008 07:58 AM
yes, i trust you that all is ok of course

and i apologise for the time you're losing on me now

so what you mean is that because that "resources ratio" can absolutely never be trusted to tell me how busy my server because it's including data from memory usage of other users...
if that's correct that that's s***s because I really like to check my server's activity and i never understood the ssh reports...

anyway, sorry for asking u to confirm again about the fact that the line "resources/System Usage Resource System 35.25%" can never be used to evaluate the business of my VPS


Posted On: 18 Nov 2008 08:20 AM
You can log into your vps using ssh and use the commands
top -c
service httpd fullstatus

in order to view your servers current load and what processes and activity your server is currently running.

Posted On: 18 Nov 2008 08:20 AM

No problems at all, helping customers is never a time loss :)

You can see load for your VPS only, for instance.
Your VPS is running fine.


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