Difference Between Shared Hosting and VPS

At some point in the future I may have to upgrade to VPS
going through knowledge base, i saw:
"No, RvSkin Cpanel Theme and Fantastico is part of regular reseller accounts. VPS accounts require to purchase license for these software. You can order it from HostForWeb, or directly from rvskin and fantastico shops."
Does that mean that I'm not going to be able to manage my websites easily like I can now with the little knowledge I have?
How much does it cost to have those back? do you make the installation?
... At the start I thought that with VPS nothing would change for me except that I'd have more of a server's capacity and a safer environnement...
how wrong was I please?

PS: can you recommend an URL with complete tutorial for VPS please

** correction, I'm not on shared, I'm on reseller


Almost everything will work exactly as it is now, with the added bonus of you having root access, and dedicated processor and RAM. Fantastico is free on our VPS accounts, but RVSkin costs $50.00/yr to add on.
Please let us know if there is anything further we can do.


thanks a lot
one thing I'm not sure I understand though...
I guess the main webhost manager interface will not change.
now I can access each individual website's cpanel individually through cpanel with rvskin right?
so what cpanel am I going to be using for each site then (if i dont purchase rvskin)? same thing with different colors or a completely different approach? is there a demo?


Everything will be pretty much the same. You will get Xskin cPanel instead of RvSkin. It will have a slightly different look and things may have been moved around a bit, however, it will have the perform the same functions as RvSking.


Aright, sorry for the useless question (but i got to say that this line in the knowledgebase is pretty confusing and ought to be updated)
thanks a lot for u time

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